First Aid Antibiotic Ointment and Pain Reliever

Demo Formula featuring Gransolve DMI

PhaseIngredientINCI Name% (wt)
AParaffin (SP 173) Paraffin (SP 173)5.00
 Sorbitan Tristearate Sorbitan Tristearate5.00
BMineral Oil Mineral Oil80.50
CDrug Active: Bacitracin 0.50
 Drug Active: Lidocaine 4.00
 Gransolve DMI Dimethyl Isosorbide5.00
 Preservative qs
  Total: 100.00


1 Charge paraffin wax and sorbitan tristearate to clean and dry vessel. Mix and heat until molten (keep below 100°C).
2 In a separate vessel heat mineral oil to 70°C. Cool Part A contents 70°C, add to Part B and mix well. Cool to 50°C.
3 Mix Part C ingredients in a separate vessel and heat to 50°C. Add Part C ingredients to the combined Parts A and B, mix until homogeneous, cool to ambient temperature and fill containers.